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So. Certain things that are both annoying and creepy have come to my attention, and therefore, I am now making all of my posts- yep every single ordinary one of them- protected. So, if you want to read my enchanting tales of life, liberty, and belly dance, and you're not already one of my Friends, you'll have to post a comment for me to add you. If you're not a Live Journal user...well, you'll have to join or forever miss my acerbic wit.

My Day

To begin my day today, I must begin with last night.

I took a shower just before I went to bed and could not get the faucet to shut off. So, I crawled in bed and waited for Drew to get home so I could compalin to him. Which I did. He tried to shut it off, and then realized that was silly because he was about to take a showr himself, having just gotten home from the gym. Well, it just got worse after his shower, and we spent the next two hours trying to fix it. I should say he spent the next two hours trying to fix it, while I stood holding a pot under the faucet so the stream of water pouring forth from it wouldn't drench Drew any further. Finally, it was decided that he should just turn off the water to the house. Because he couldn't figure out how to fix it.

This morning, Kris came home after a doctor's appointment, strolled into our bathroom and spent about fifteen minutes taking apart the handle. He then came in to me and showed me that part that needed replacing, I gave him cash, he ent to Home Depot, came home, and spent another fifteen minutes putting it all back together. My faucet is perfect now, and I didn't have to stand with a pot over Kris at all.

I then got some bad news from my best friend, and though it was not the circumstances I would want, it still had a very nice time chatting with her.

I needed to get some Liquid Plumber for my clogged sink (boy I had pipe problems, huh), and while I was at Target, I saw some Mango Mojito mix. Since I was planning on fixing taco salad for dinner, I thought that might be quite yummy.

When Drew got home from work, he confessed that he had not eaten anything all day (why DO I buy those frozen entrees for his lunch, or fruit and muffins for his breakfast?), so I went ahead and fixed dinner. (The taco salad was delicious, I might add) I also followed the directions on the Mango Mojito mix explicitly. If you ever get this stuff from Target, I recommend NOT following the directions. I only had two sips, and I was tipsy. I didn't even drink half of my drink, and I am still having a difficult time functioning! The boys laughed and laughed because the directions told me to pour a bottle of rum in the mix. An entire bottle. Yep. So, while we ate our dinner, we decided to get caught up on our backlog of Daily Shows and Colbert Reports. Well, they're funny anyway, but they're REALLY funny when you've had some Target Mango Mojitos.

I'm really hot. In fact, I'm more hot now than I was in the hottest part of the day. I blame the Target Mango Mojitos.
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I should be a hermit

So, the older I get, the less tolerance I have for annoying people. And you know what? People everywhere annoy me. A lot.

How hard is it to be polite? I don't find that it takes an inordinate amount of time to say "Excuse me," or even "Were you next in line?" Put your shopping carts in the shopping cart space. I swear I'm going to time myself to see if it does in fact take longer than 1 minute to get it there and be back in my car.

Is there a reason you must pace the car right next to you, and the two of you drive ten miles below the speed limit? Perhaps, since you are both so enamored by that speed, you should drive in the same lane and let others who are actually trying to get somewhere utilize the other lane. And that way, we can drive the speed limit, too.

Shut up. Do you not see that the person next to you is trying to participate in the conversation going on with the group? And if someone tries multiple times to draw you in to the conversation, join in! And, here's a novel idea, listen to what other people are saying! Don't interrupt to talk about only yourself, and about a topic that has nothing to do with anything we've been talking about! Set the person next to you free.

How hard is it to educate one's self? Especially in today's age with the internet, spin really should not be as effective as it is. Look into things! Listen to people you think you don't agree with! Keep an open mind! Understand that if someone changes their position on something, that might mean they've matured, or thought about it more and realize they were wrong!

Why do people feel the need to belittle others? In public?

Don't assume I am not smart. Or that you know more than me just because you've worked hard to learn. So have I. I may be blonde, I may be female, I may exhibit diztiness from time to time. But I do, in fact, have a very high IQ. And that's with bad spacial skills.

I am, of course, perfect in every way and have never, ever done anything remotely annoying. Ever. OK, maybe once or twice.
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To inspire paranoia

Take a look at your LJ friends list, then list things you want to say to ten different LJ friends.
DO NOT state who these people are.
DO NOT confirm nor deny any "comment speculation".

1. You have such an amazing amount of knowledge and inspire me.
2. I can't believe you voted for Bush. Twice.
3. Get over yourself.
4. You are such a beautiful person and you don't even know it.
5. I love that you can discuss things like an adult. That seems so rare now!
6. Even though we are very different, I consider you one of my dearest friends. Because you behave like a friend when it counts.
7. You never fail to crack me up.
8. You will never find happiness until you choose to be happy.
9. I love you!!
10. You totally rock. Get it through your head.
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What turned you to the dark side?

Sorry, meddevi, this is actually intended for my SCA friends. :)

So, years ago when I started playing in the SCA, I started with the excitement of having another place to belly dance. So, most of my garb was very tribal-style belly dance, and, since I hadn't realized that it was OK to embrace my freakish obsession with the Middle East in this setting as well, I wore a bunch of long t-tunics and other various Euro-esque attire. Well, whenever I was in my ATS outfits, people whom I'd never met before felt perfectly free to point out to me (and this was with me playing for maybe six months) that it was not period. So, I started trying to choose my garb that was distinctly Indian. I was starting to form an idea that I really wanted to be turn-of-the-millenium-fresh-out-of-India Rom, so this seemed appropriate.

Alas, the belly bunny stigma followed, and never mind that I was actually wearing period styles, the bare midriff was simply not allowed! (Side note: it's as if Caid needed baronessv to come here and show that it's OK. I think it's because she does Indian SO WELL.) So, I started wearing what I fondly call "Generic Middle Eastern". It wasn't Persian of any specific time period, nor was it Turkish of any style, nor was it Arabic by any stretch of the imagination. But people left me alone, and I got to continue along in peace, doing what I love to do: research and dance. I'm not a seamstress. I got the pattern from something I bought on eBay. I still made pretty things, because I used fabrics that I knew were peri-oid. But as far as garb is concerned, I got very, very lazy.

And then something happened. I found out people were using me as an example of proper Middle Eastern fashion. Oh no! How did that happen? Perhaps my constant nattering about how All Good Things come from the Middle East? Or maybe my Secret Plan to turn everyone in the Known World into a Moor? OK, maybe that plan isn't so secret. Now I must step up to the responsibility. I can't have people running around wearing Generic Middle Eastern citing me as a source!

Thankfully, I had already been influenced by people like Gerhart and Una, and my Laurel Mistres Jadi, who showed me that doing things meticulously period actually is fun. I still am a terrible seamstress, and am a terrible Caidan for not liking to sew. But I do enjoy the research. I always have. And studying classical Middle Eastern court dances these last couple years has really improved my modern-era job as a belly dancer, I think.

So, dear Friends, what prompted you to be obsessively period?
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A couple geeky medieval things

Well, I'm sure they weren't geeky at all at the time, and I frankly find these things fascinating. But I am also aware that many of my non-SCA friends are not as enamoured by the Medieval Middle East. In fact, some of my SCA friends think it's a travesty. But on to the interesting things.

1. I was perusing my book Lost Persian Treasures (which by the way, I think is a stupid title, becaue if they really were lost, we wouldn't have them to study, now would we? Why not call it FORMERLY Lost Persian Treasures? But I digress.), and there was a bowl that depicted a dancing woman. OK, nothing unusual so far, except that she was topless. Now, this is something that we've come to expect from India and Ancient Egypt where they could scarcely be bothered with clothes, let alone anything that actually concealed their bodies. And I have often suspected that even the Arabs were not always as modest as we like to think they were. But not the Persians. I have never seen anything that indicated that they would have danced topless. Granted, I have only been gradually shifting my focus to the Persians recently, and primarily to later period, but I was till surprised. This was a Sassanid piece. However, there was another ivory carving that also had dancing women, and they were al in basic Sassanid attire that I would expect. I'll have to look into that more.

2. I have Peerless Images (a book on Persian painting) sitting next to me computer. (On a silly side note: two weeks ago my 11 year old nephew was using my computer, and came out and asked why I had a book on Persian painting. I told him I thought it was interesting. The next day when he came over I pointed to another book that was sitting on my kitchen table that was also about Persian painting. He rolled his eyes, so I made him listen as I read it to him while he ate cake. Little did he know I have two more on the bookshelves!) I have always been told that they did not have mehndi in period. That never quite rang true, so I just assumed perhaps they didn't have it outside India (because there's lots of evidence that they did). Anyway, I had never really examined the paintings in regard to henna, and today I happened to glance, and several of the women just on the front cover are sporting lovely henna designs! So, I guess I should have trusted my gut and looked into it more. Why do I listen to people sometimes? I guess it's because they speak with authority, and if it's not something that I have specifically researched, I assume they don't make statements without doing their own. I know better!!

So there you have it. I'm excited to look into these things!
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My Fascinating Life

So, much of my time is being spent lately on chasing down people that I need stuff from for my various events, but particularly Hips of Fury, and putting out fires that erupt because belly dance is filled with estrogen and a hundred women can't always get along. Go figure.

But that being said, I couldn't ask for a better job, in spite of the fact that it wears me down emotionally from time to time. But then when I was working as a photographer, it was the emotional stress that broke me after 15 years. Maybe I should just become aloof.

But then, that's kinda what I get to be now that I have SO MANY students. I mean, my student population has exploded in the last several months, but now, I get to be choosy about whom I want to invest my emotional energy in. There is no possible way I can put out the way I have been for each of my students, because I have so many. It's just not reasonable. So in some way, even though I often feel mightily overwhelmed by how many I have now, I like that I can now kinda turn inward and shelter myself. It feels better. I get to do what's best for me from time to time now, and best of all, I am finally getting paid to be a teacher after almost six years of essentailly paying to be one. Yay!

Above all else, they really pick it up fast. I work 'em, and they get it! I am so proud. Last week, when they wer rehearsing for the Poppy Festival, I cried. Geez, I'm such a sap.